somatic: (adj.) "pertaining to the body", 1775, from French somatique and directly from Greek somatikos "of the body," from soma (genitive somatos) "the body". Somatic Canvas aspires to blur the line between digital and analog, human and portrait, muse and inspiration. This is an evolving process which has gone through several iterations, with each attempt coming closer to matching the outcome to the vision.


iteration: the action or a process of iterating or repeating: as a procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result.

These paintings start with brushes on the bare human figure as the canvas. The photographs of the painted models are then retraced with digital brushes and digital paint. The digital painting is printed onto canvas only to be further enhanced. Each time the process crosses the line between digital and analog the lines are blurred between human and portrait, muse and inspiration.


The first attempts were raw and somewhat naive in that the outcome was predictably as simple as the approach. The models were painted with no foresight or planning. However, this stage helped refine the technique which results in the illusion of the model fading into the painted canvas.


The second attempts introduced some foresight into the process by sketching out the desired outcome prior to photography. Still, the human figure dominated the final composition.


The latest attempts reach a balance between digital illustration and the still-life human figure. Thus, coming closer to a blurred distinction between analog and digital, human and portrait, muse and inspiration.


I fully own up to the fact that at this point the art does not rise to the level of the aspirations. Trying to find the balance between analog and digital, muse and art, has become a process. However, the project is on hold as I am currently working on my Holocaust history series of books. I will pick up where I left off sometime in the near future.

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