This website is organized by type of creative activity and individual projects.
I believe that every work of art and each artistic venture has a life of its own.
Thus, I dedicate websites with their own specific graphics and presentation to each project.

Who is A.E. Samaan?

Investigative Historian - Author - Designer - Photographer - Fascinated by Free Markets & Free Minds:

"A.E. Samaan" is my pen name, and the name I advertise my art and design projects through. "A.E. Samaan" was formalized in 2013. However, I have been creating art either through photography, architecture, or design since college in the late 80s or early 90s.

My photography skills have been largely used to document the historical topics that interest me. A friend once described me as an “investigative historian”. I have taken an "investigative" approach to history since my youth, as I am a product of the Cold War by birth, and found myself sifting through propaganda presented as legitimate history because of the Left-Right polemic of that conflict. This was the origins of my mistrust for the history told by a highly politicized and activist academia and mainstream media.


As you can see, my various projects keep me busy. I do my best to answer all correspondence, but please understand that I am often out in the field on and sometimes away from civilization:



Most of my photography work is InfraRed B&W. The InfraRed portion of the light spectrum is invisible to the human eye. Prior to digital cameras, special lens filters and photo film was needed to capture the InfraRed spectrum. Today, you must convert your digital camera in order to enable it to see and capture the InfraRed portion of the spectrum. The results are surreal.


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I am more intrigued by attempting new approaches than with the results achieved with my limited technical skills. In fact, I often wonder what would result if other more talented artists adopted my process.


  • Somatic Canvas ~ This project uses the human figure as its canvas, and through a mix of photography and oil painting, collages the real with the unreal.

  • EtherArt (COMING SOON) ~ In the absence of color, the textures and shadows of the paint strokes project an ever-changing image on the wall the art is mounted upon.

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I was educated as an Architect and a designer. I minored in Latin American Studies and thus had an understandable interest in Archeology. Pre-Columbian architecture fascinates me, especially that of the Maya civilization. I have photographed it extensively, but not so much with a creative eye than with the intent to capture the subject. Beyond that, I have documented sites and structures from around the world at all times trying to capture the essence of the design.


  • Mayan Arch. (COMING SOON)~ This collection of Architectural and Archeological drawings and photos of various sites. (Website coming soon)

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My focus is in WWII and Holocaust history. I have spent a significant amount of time scouring the archives which hold the papers of the American eugenics movement. The protagonists of this movement would help the Nazis with their quest to breed a "master race."
A.E. SamaanI have earned a designation as a "CMATH Champion" due to my work on eugenics and The Holocaust. The mission of the Center for Medicine after the Holocaust (CMATH) is to challenge medical and scientific professionals to personally confront the medical ethics of the Holocaust and to apply that knowledge to contemporary practice. For more information, please visit: www.medicineaftertheholocaust.org

It is an honor to have my first book, "From a 'Race of Masters' to a 'Master Race': 1948 to 1848" as part of the archival collection at the United States Holocaust Memorial


My first book covered 100 years of history of "scientific racism" including all of the cultural, political, and economic factors that contributed to the movement which ultimately culminated in The Holocaust. Squeezing this amount of history into one book inevitably meant editing a lot of material out, which was otherwise interesting and more importantly, relevant to current events.

I also feel that some topics, although discussed in my books, are important enough to expand on them. Furthermore, my research efforts consistently uncover interesting topics that other historians may have overlooked or ignored, and which do not necessarily belong in any of the books I have planned and are too limited in scope to justify a book onto themselves. An essay seems to be the right format. I intend to write and collect these short essays into a series of books and a website titled: FORGOTTEN BUT RELEVANT


My collection of these short essays can be found free of charge in the website titled: FORGOTTEN BUT RELEVANT . However, copies of these essays can also be found at ACADEMIA.EDU as well as in ARCHIVE.ORG and SCRIBD.COM. My goal is to grow this collection continually, so check the above websites. Below are some examples:



My life has always been influenced by the political polemic. It was unavoidable, I guess, as I am a child of the Cold War conflicts. However, I do not feel I matured politically until I started researching eugenics and The Holocaust. I became a Libertarian largely as a result of my research into the pervasiveness of the eugenic creed and largely as a result of understanding the nature of National Socialist domestic policy. My respect for the vision of the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution grew immensely as a proximate result of understanding the dangers of a large, unaccountable, centrally planned government. I have since then been an avid political supporter of the founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, and personal autonomy.

I have made social media a sort of politically inspired artist's installation. You will find me streaming quotes by the Founding Fathers and noted Libertarians on my social media feeds. My collection of quotes seems to be appreciated by my followers and friends.

"Liberty Isn't Everything. It Just Allows Everything to Happen."


Twitter seems the perfect medium to stream a collection of literary and historic quotes. I have made Twitter into my own personal art installation, where quotes by Ayn Rand, Thomas Jefferson, Ludwig Von Mises and other historical figures important to the cause of individual rights chime in randomly hour by hour and day by day. You can follow me at TWITTER: @AESamaan to see this feed. You can also find these quotes in my Facebook page at FACEBOOK: A.E. Samaan, as well as in my Google profile: GOOGLE: A.E. Samaan.

Someone has also collected snippets of my own quotable paragraphs and phrases from my books, essays, and posts. They have posted them here: GOODREADS: A.E. Samaan Quotes. However, my personal favorite way of conveying my convictions is through t-shirts, mugs, posters, and other paraphernalia. These are a combination of my favorite quotes and politically inspired sketches printed on consumer products. You can find those at my webstore here: ExpressLiberty.com


I love machinery and technology. I am particularly interested in technology that allows you to make the products of your dreams. As a writer, I am enthralled at the fact that we are living in the golden age of true desktop publishing. Desktop manufacturing is today at a stage where desktop printing was in the 1970's. There are reasonably affordable desktop manufacturing machines to manufacture three-dimensional products at a click of the mouse with about the same ease as xerographic technology was during the 1970's. I am particularly interested in the plasma cutting and wood routing C.N.C. machines.

As a designer, I have always been interested by the design of modern electric guitars. I used to play, but have always been better about designing than actually playing the musical instruments. This is how I am employing the C.N.C. technology.


  • Berlez Bass (COMING SOON) ~ Pictured to the right is an upright electric bass of my design, along with a custom made C.N.C. router specifically designed to produce them. (Website coming soon)



There is something to be said for building the machine of your dreams. As a child I spent some summers traveling through Germany with my family, and the memory of those European spec BMW's and Porsches zipping past us in the Autobahn is vivid in my mind. BMW's from the late 70's to late 80's are a weakness of mine. There is nothing like the feeling of controlled power that is driving a 3-Series BMW.

As a designer, I am specifically drawn to the Baur T.C. partial convertibles of the era. Progressive lobbyists had scared the auto industry in the early 80's with the alleged "dangers" of convertible autos, and most car manufacturers desisted from producing convertible models. BMW provided the option of having a 'targa top' through the Baur Karosserie, which had produced select bodies for BMW, namely the iconic M1 race car.

I have done a top-down and inside-out restoration of a E21 3-Series 323i Baur T.C. and am currently working on an E30 3-Series Baur T.C.

From Napkin Sketch to Silk Scarf::

The quick napkin doodle and the journal sketch is a longstanding tradition of architecture students. As a young artist I traveled the world and sketched buildings and structures of historical significance on both scraps of paper and in sketchbooks. It is yet to be seen if it will be a casualty of the digital age. Even though I am not part of the millennial Internet generation, the practice of sketching in journals has gone by the wayside. I used to go through a journal every six months. Now it takes me four to five years to fill just one journal, and most of the content is text, not images.

In light of the above, I decided to reminisce on the past by committing to permanence that which was not initially intended to be formalized in such a way. There is something tantalizing to this; to convert a sketch on a 4”x4” paper napkin into a 48”x48” scarf, or some other medium. The fleeting thought, the escaping idea, returned to and finally pinned down to some sort of permanence.

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First Iteration / Attempt:

These four images represent the first attempt at this challenge, and are hopefully but the first four in a more enduring series of work. There is something inspiring about linking my analog past to my digital present, especially when the result is being able to share the resulting work as wearables, fashion, or vanity pieces such as silk scarves. The work takes a life of its own when it becomes part of someone else’s fashion repertoire, no longer confined to the pages of a forgotten sketchbook of an obscure artist.